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The Best Proctology Center in Dadar (East), Mumbai

Advanced Minimally Invasive, Day Care Treatments for Piles, Hernia, Anal Fissure, Anal Fistula and Other Anorectal Conditions

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Located in Mumbai, Dr. Laxman Proctology Center is a cutting-edge facility for proctology. The center is clean and the environment within the center is soothing. A renowned proctologist in Mumbai is on hand to treat patients with lifestyle disorders including piles, constipation, hernia, and fistulas using state-of-the-art, latest medical instruments and facilities at an easily accessible location. Qualified and skilled surgeons work at this super-specialty center. In addition to treating piles, fistulas, fissures, constipation, and hernias around the country, it is a nationally recognised center for proctology. Our team provides the finest care possible with the most advanced technologies. Patients no longer need to stay in the center for long periods of time after surgery because of advances in medical science and technology. We have a minor operation theatre, and cutting-edge equipment such as video proctoscopy to visualise the disease of the patient. Patients are provided with a thorough explanation of their disease through the use of images and atlas.

One day after the treatment, the patient will be able to resume their normal routine with minimal complications. As a result, treatment and recovery time are significantly reduced at the center. More than 1000 people have been helped by cutting-edge treatments at the center. Doctors are directly connected to the patients. Post-operative wound care is keenly observed and given by the treating surgeon himself/herself.

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