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Center for best hernia surgery in Mumbai

Fatty tissue or an organ might protrude through a weak spot in the surrounding connective tissue or muscular wall, leading to a hernia. We provide the best hernia surgery treatment in Mumbai.

Types of hernias include:

  • Inguinal hernia.
  • Femoral hernia.
  • Umbilical hernia.
  • Incisional hernia.
  • Epigastric hernia.
  • Hiatal hernia.

It’s common for hernias to go worse before they get better. Inevitably, they’ll grow in size. They may cause life-threatening consequences in rare circumstances. That’s why surgeons are so common. Some hernias, however, don’t need quick attention. In terms of size and symptoms, it varies widely.

A surgical hernia repair entails relocating the bulge to the area of the body where it belongs. Our center provides the best hernia surgery treatment in Mumbai.

When we don't need hernia surgery?

Your hernia may not need surgery if:
  • It disappears easily and immediately when you lie down which indicates that the defect is very wide and there are very less chances of it getting complicated.
  • It is minor and does not cause any symptoms (these may never need surgery)

Consultation with hernia surgeon

Consult the best hernia surgeon in Mumbai if you need surgery. During your physical examination, they’ll keep an eye on your hernia. Hernia surgery is advisable for almost all children and adults. You may decide against surgery if you’re in poor health or fragile. With the advice of your hernia surgeon, you may measure the procedure’s advantages against your capacity to recuperate.

What hernia specialists do during surgery?

During surgery, the hernia specialists will give spinal or local anesthesia. An incision is taken on the skin over the hernia. Contents are reduced, and the sac is closed with absorbable stitches. This is called herniotomy. This is usually sufficient in children. In case of adults, to reinforce the tissue further, an additional nylon mesh is put over the closed defect to avoid further recurrence. After that, incisions are closed in layers. Skin May be closed with absorbable stitches or stapler. Depending on the operation, you may be discharged the same day or the following day.

In Laparoscopy surgery, Carbon Dioxide gas is pumped into your abdomen. A few tiny incisions (cuts) are made in the abdominal wall to pass a scope and other operating instruments. A small camera is attached to the scope to take a closer look (laparoscope). Mesh is used to fix the hernia, looking at the images seen from the laparoscope. General anesthesia is required for laparoscopic surgery.

Size, nature, and location of the hernia all play a role in determining the sort of surgery you’ll need. Your surgeon will also take into account your lifestyle, health, and age when determining your treatment. The laparoscopic hernia surgery has a high complication rate compared to Open surgery and is expensive than open hernia surgery. Laparoscopy surgery needs to be performed by an expert person well versed with technique of laparoscopy. Dr. Laxman Salve, a renowned hernia specialist and best hernia surgeon in Mumbai, performs the best hernia surgery treatment.

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